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Support Groups Online and Offline

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Please join us ONLINE by SUBSCRIBING to the Multiple System Atrophy Mailing List!
Note that Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) includes:

This electronic mailing list was initiated in 1995 by the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center to provide MSA patients, caregivers and friends the means to communicate with each other throughout the world. Through use of this electronic "party line", anyone can ask a question, answer a question, post information on medication and treatments, share the good and the bad times, etc. Currently there are over 500 patients, caregivers, relatives and friends providing daily support to one another through this online forum.

You must first Register with Yahoo (entirely for free) and then click on “Join this group”.
You may then select from among 4 message delivery options:

NOTE: As there are often up to 50 email messages per day, you may find the DIGEST option or NO EMAIL option to be better choices.

Should you have any problems subscribing please contact the list moderators by emailing

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People Living with Parkinson's

A unique online support group for those with Parkinson;s Disease as well as Parkinsonisms. PLWP is an online support group with internaqtional status. Members comprise the leadership and take an actice role in providing total support for the patient and loved ones. There is always someone to find online! Their new website provides services that no on else does. Virtuality, the monthly email magazine is filled with news, personal stories, as well as tips and medical information.

National MSA/Shy-Drager Support Group Leader

Don Summers email:

Toll free information line: 1-866-SDS-4999



Other State Contacts and Support Group Leaders:

AK ALASKA *** Contact Needed ***

AL ALABAMA Nora Manning 271-2014 Contact for Alabama

AR ARKANSAS Valarie Garland (501) 835-2513 Contact for Arkansas

AZ ARIZONA Jean Suico (480) 839-3794 Contact for Arizona

CA CALIFORNIA Ceri Williams (818) 343-3259 Leader for Los Angeles

CA CALIFORNIA Vera James FVJAMES@AOL.COM (909) 598-1840 Contact for Los Angeles

CA CALIFORNIA Diane Maxwell (323) 295-2457 Leader for Los Angeles

CA CALIFORNIA Linda Rose Contact for San Diego

CA CALIFORNIA *** Contact Needed for San Francisco

CA CALIFORNIA George Relles (805) 683-4829 Contact for Santa Barbara

CO COLORADO Grace Halmi (303) 340-3528 Leader for Denver

CO COLORADO Lyn Wood Leader for Denver

CT CONNECTICUT Tim Foley 203-445-8018 Contact for Connecticut

DC DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Bill Werre (703) 471-7215 Leader for Washington DC

DE DELAWARE Maureen McDaniel (410) 439-8518 Contact for Delaware

FL FLORIDA Jerrie Finkelson (954) 796-9476 Contact for Miami

FL FLORIDA Tonya Kerneklian Contact for Orlando

FL FLORIDA Rita Wilcher Phone unlisted Contact for Tampa

GA GEORGIA Tom Burt (770) 422-7435 Contact for Atlanta

GUAM James Taylor (671) 789-2307 Contact for Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas

HI HAWAII Harriet Bise Contact for Hawaii

IA IOWA Wanda Paulin (319) 872-3650 Leader Dubuque

ID IDAHO Donna Ortel Contact for Boise

IL ILLINOIS Pat Van Doren Phone unlisted Contact for Chicago

IL ILLINOIS Diana Yates, Contact for Springfield

IN INDIANA Gary Huddleston (317) 501-4899 Leader for Indianapolis

IN INDIANA Harriet Gossman (812) 288-7532 Contact for Jeffersonville

IN INDIANA Judy Marten (765) 463-3973 Leader for Lafayette

KS KANSAS Mike Ditty (816) 537-5978 Leader for Kansas City

KS KANSAS Sally Lesline (785) 456-7210 Contact for Topeka

KY KENTUCKY Judy Miller (502) 253-9379 Leader for Louisville

LA LOUISIANA Robert Ancker (985) 652-6512 Contact for New Orleans

LA LOUISIANA Wanda Bell (318) 982-7431 Contact for NW Louisiana

LA LOUISIANA Jim Stark (225) 262-0512 Contact for Baton Rouge

LA LOUISIANA Virginia "Ginger" Willman (337) 625-7851 Contact for SW Louisiana

MA MASSACHUSETTS Carol Langer (781) 862-5435 Leader for New England

MD MARYLAND Maureen McDaniel (410) 439-8518 Contact for Maryland

ME MAINE Jean Lockhart (207) 443-6979 Contact for Portland

MI MICHIGAN Dennis Wells Contact for Detroit

MI MICHIGAN Karen Thibodeau (810) 392-2966 Contact for Port Huron

MI MICHIGAN Bernice Bowers (248) 676-8534 Contact for Milford

MN MINNESOTA Marge Soeffker Contact for St.Cloud/Buffalo/Annandale

MN MINNESOTA Ginny Overpriller (952) 953-0505 Leader for Minneapolis

MO MISSOURI Mike Ditty (816) 537-5978 Leader for Kansas City

MS MISSISSIPPI Elaine Coney Contact for Magnolia

MT MONTANA Donna Kappel Contact for Montana

NC NORTH CAROLINA John Fisher (919) 387-7978 Contact for Apex

NC NORTH CAROLINA Amy Debusk Contact for Winston-Salem

ND NORTH DAKOTA *** Contact Needed *** NE NEBRASKA Kristen Henderson Contact for Nebraska

NH NEW HAMPSHIRE Carol Langer (781) 862-5435 Leader for New England (except CT)

NJ NEW JERSEY Sam Convissor (973) 762-1140 Contact for New Jersey

NM NEW MEXICO Karen Kennemer (281) 358-2282 Contact for Albuquerque

NV NEVADA Ray Johnson Contact for Las Vegas

NY NEW YORK Mary Ellen Vitagliano (518) 458 9078 Contact for Albany

NY NEW YORK Aida Ortiz Ruiz Contact for New York City

OH OHIO Pat Beekman (440) 234-0007 Leader for Cleveland

OH OHIO Judy Biedenharn (614) 875-5531 Leader for Columbus

OK OKLAHOMA Melanie Bruner Contact for Tulsa

OK OKLAHOMA Donna Dunn Contact for Norman

OR OREGON Judy Mears (503) 581-8941 Leader for Salem

PA PENNSYLVANIA Steve Crawford Leader for Philadelphia

PA PENNSYLVANIA Carole Barber Contact for Pittsburgh

RI RHODE ISLAND Carol Langer (781) 862-5435 Leader for New England

SC SOUTH CAROLINA Judy Whittaker, (843) 689-6108 Contact for Hilton Head Island

SD SOUTH DAKOTA *** Contact Needed ***

TN TENNESSEE Christine Latham Leader for Nashville

TN TENNESSEE Amy Beckmann (901) 452-7443 Leader for Memphis

TN TENNESSEE Ann Johnson (423) 332-3844 Contact for Chattanooga

TN TENNESSEE Marilyn Morris (931) 455-3108 Contact for Middle Tennessee

TN TENNESSEE Brenda Cooley (423) 543-6181 Contact for Johnson City

TX TEXAS Karen Kennemer (281) 358-2282 Leader for Houston

TX TEXAS Virginia "Ginger" Willman (337) 625-7851 Contact for Beaumont

TX TEXAS Don Summers 1-866-SDS-4999 National Leader Austin

TX TEXAS Barb Bolling, (817) 221-3554 Contact for Dallas

TX TEXAS Darlene Turner Contact for Waco

TX TEXAS Maston Pruett Contact for San Antonio

UT UTAH Stephanie Johnson Contact for Utah

VA VIRGINIA Perry Sennewald (434) 244-0018 Contact for Charlottesville

VT VERMONT Carol Langer (781) 862-5435 Leader for New England

WA WASHINGTON Charmayne Bischel (503) 698-4452 Leader for Washington State

WA WASHINGTON Judy Mears (503) 581-8941 Leader for Washington State

WI WISCONSIN Sue Shumway Contact for Milwaukee

WI WISCONSIN Nan Todd Contact for Sheboygan

WV WEST VIRGINIA Rose Chrisman Contact for Winchester

WY WYOMING *** Contact Needed ***


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